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[RP Plot] How it all Began...

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[RP Plot] How it all Began...

Post by Backster on Thu Oct 29, 2015 9:02 pm

This once was a land of peace for many generations...Packs from all over the world journeyed far and wide to reach this magical place. Rumors and Legends said that this laid has never been infected by evil or negativity...Not until now...

Its summer in the land of Nimressa, the land was peaceful and three packs were slowly growing into this new land, one pack that loved to live by the beaches of Nimressa called themselves Sunshore Valley Pack this pack was very lively and loved the smell of the ocean and sand, this small yet growing pack had formed an ali for themselves, this second pack preferred the forests more than the messy sand down by the edges of Nimressa, this pack called themselves Silent Forest Pack this pack sure did live by their name, they are very quiet and peaceful, meaning they will try their best to find a reason before conflicting another wolf, they are very quiet and a distant pack, but if they wanted to be they could be deadly killers and fighters. Outside the forest, there were mountains, high, high mountains filled with small game such as ram, mountain goats and bald eagles. A pack, small like the rest were forming here as well, alied with both of the packs living on land High Mountain Peak Pack This pack was just as peaceful as the rest but they were protective of their land and packmates, if a wolf threatened one of their pack they would pay with either a brutal warning or a fatal punishment, these wolves were born as warriors and they are not afraid to practice their training against another wolf, if they have reason to.

But, unknown to the three packs inside the forest there was another forest far far off the borders of the other, this forest was dark and errie, light from the sun or the moon never touched the ground cause of the tall trees, its hard to believe any wolves let alone any packs were thriving there, but mother nature always finds a way to surprise us... and finds away to destroy peace. Rumors were gathering around this dark forest that their were wolves growing packs there and they weren't the friendliest of packs, in fact they hardly let any stranger even enter the forest without getting wounded or killed. Some say only wolves with unbearable bravery and massive strength could even set paw on this land. There was one passing through survivor, that was able to get from one side of the forest to the other, not unscathed though, the wounded wolf ventured to the other forest where the good packs were and reported that they could have rivals in the land of Nimressa, he explained that the first pack he encountered was very dark, he said some even had glowing red eyes and were rabid, this pack liked to stay in the shadows and they were master hunters as they were killers, the wolf stated this pack called themselves Shadow Hunters the wolf continued his report and said once he got away with his life from the first pack, he ran into yet another pack. The wolf stated he didn't know if this pack was worse than the other but this pack was definitely stronger and more bloodthirsty than the other pack, the wolf stated that this pack called themselves Druid Peak Pack The wolf continued his story, stating once he got away from that pack, he ran into the pack that was possibly doing all the killings of wolves that entered the forest because they were right on the edge of the borders of the forest, this pack gave the wolf more of the fatal and brutal wounds, the wolf stated this pack definitely lived up to its name Killer Claws Pack

Once the wolf's wounds were taken care of by Silent Forest Pack, the three packs decided they needed to get rid of these packs to restore peace in this once peaceful land. So the three packs ventured away from their forest and headed to the dark forest, it seemed the six packs thought alike because the other three packs, the evil packs were heading for their forest. The first good pack stepped up and asked for a treaty to restore the peace, the shadow hunters disagreed and almost immediately announced war, the three other packs wouldn't have it not wanting to cause a fight more or less than a war unless if it was necessary. After a bit of talk and chatter, the three good packs were able to set a treaty for peace, the other three packs seemed to agree but the good packs weren't sure if these ruthless wolves will keep to there word...Only time will tell...

But this is just a legend that occurred 200 years ago, these wolves are long deceased but the land Nimressa still exists...No one knows how the rest of the legend went or what happened, all the wolves that are living their must hope that peace is restored. Maybe the wolves will bring the legend back to life and settle peace once and for all? No one knows but only time and nature will tell...

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