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Rules (MUST Read!)

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Rules (MUST Read!)

Post by Trance on Thu Oct 29, 2015 9:00 pm

Hello new user! You must be new to the site. Well, in that case, we have rules that you must follow. If any of these rules are broken, there will be warnings and consequences that you must face. I don't want to be the mean one to give out consequences for rules that are broken. Although, technically it's not being mean at all, it's just making sure everyone is safe on this site, and that no one gets their feelings hurt for specific reasons. Without further ado, here are some rules for the chat box, website, PM, and much more.

Website Rules


(1.) No double posting

(2.) You can be any age as long as you are not above 17

(3.) You are allowed to curse, but nothing sexual and keep it PG13

Don't ever curse or swear toward anyone on this site

(4.) This site is a Free Flow site, meaning there is no post limit BUT this doesn't mean you can post something like He howled be sure you can post something that someone would be able to reply to ^^

(5.) You can have other side accounts but they cannot interact with any of your other characters, meaning you cant have your main character mate with your side account, you can however make them related (i.e sibling, mother, father, pup) but you will not be able to interact with that character UNLESS it fits with the plot

You can have an unlimited amount of accounts on here. Make sure you do keep these accounts and character active. If you cannot keep your accounts and characters active then i'd advise not to have much. If I see that your characters or accounts are not being kept active then I or Backster will pm you about it and try to work with you.

(6.) War of the Wolves is copyrighted to Backster and Trance, so do not copy their ideas ideas/work upon other sites. If you do so and we find out their will be server consequences wither its online or in the real world.

7.) Do not threaten others, if you are not kidding or playing; you will most likely be banned because we care for our users safety.

8.) Do not disrespect Leaders or Beta's and Delta's even if they are not in your pack! Also Leaders and Beta's and Delta's do not disrespect other users..

(In rp this is allowed however, but DO NOT OVER DO IT and please message one of us about it so we know, if not warned before hand via pm, the post will be deleted and your account and all other side accounts will be banned)

If you disrespect anyone it is highly frowned upon(unless in rp again DO NOT OVER DO IT and warn the user about it).

Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

(9.) Do not submit art that isn't yours, you can submit art you colored or edited, but do not claim it as your unless you drew it yourself. (For that will get you in trouble in the real world.) Make sure to credit the art owners if you know who they are.

10.) Do not call others out of their name and NEVER EVER be raciest! this is a raciest free site, if you don't like it move on. If we get evidence that you were raciest you will most likely be banned from the site, permanently

11.) If you are a female/male you may have characters of the opposite gender, and no one will make fun of you and if so tell your leader, or staff members.

12.) You can have more than one crush.

Your wolf can have a mate but still like someone else or have a crush.

13.) You must notify your Alpha if you get a mate and the girls can ask the female alphas if they need dating advice and the males can ask the male alphas if they need dating advice.

14.) Cheating is allowed only if the cheater is intending to return back to his/her mate, IT WILL NOT BE PERMANENT. It will spice up rp a little. If your caught not returning to your mate after the cheating/break up and your mate is hurt or angry she/he has the right to ask the Leader to do something about it. However this does not mean that he/she might be banned. The Leader can assign chores for the cheater to do, and the cheater will have the shame of not returning to his/her mate. As everyone would know, and please don't make bad comments about the person rping the wolf. The wolf might just be a player or his/her dislikes sticking with one wolf(If your mate allows you to for rp sake to shake it up or something then pm the staff, leaders, and beta's and delta's).

15.) In rp you can cuddle and stuff with your mate/crush but do not get to feisty! If you want to mate do it in pm, add "..." to the end of your post, or fade to a color that blends in to the background.

16.) Thinking of having pups? You may have pups but notify your alpha first. Also do not add to many details of you having the pup(s) in rp.

Most pups you may have will not live or may be a small litter. The Parents can choose who dies and who lives, Its the parents choice if they want to have a full litter of all alive pups that is fine, but we do require for some of them having birth defects, most likely the runts or last born's (i.e always the smallest, ashtma, hip problems etc).

17.) Someone can be the pup, but have to earn the money to be able to change their name.

18.) You can have as many accounts and characters as you like, that is if you can keep them active. If you don't want a char then set it up for adoption, kill him/her in rp, have someone kill him/her in rp, go on ghost mode, or have the wolf run out of these lands, if this is the case you have to come up with a reason as to why the wolf left Nimressa and not just because you didn't want the character the wolf has to have a reason of leaving in RP, especially if the wolf has had pups or a mate

Chatbox Rules


Do not spam the chat box with anything(includes, random words, random letters, numbers, smiles, links, etc.) spamming is when you post something in the chat-box and continue to send random things filling the chat-box quickly. It's also when someone continues to send something quickly for a certain amount of time, or simply to annoy someone.

Chat box admins/mods are allowed to kick you from the chat box, and if you continue to re-enter the chat-box and continue to spam then you will be banned from the chat-box for a certain amount of time(10 mins max).

Do not send or advertise links to other sites in the chat-box. That's why their is an advertising board here. You can tell people to check out your advertisement however.

You can be kicked from the chat or the chat cleared, if behavior is continued then banning from the chat box is an possibility.

Keep things PG13 and NO SEXUAL CONTENT (i.e d or vpicks, twerking etc)

If you are caught cursing for no reason or towards summon OR showing sexual content you will be banned from the site, permanently

Role-Play/Creation Rules


Please do not suddenly transport your wolf to another place

Example: Backster stepped out into the trotting female.
No, backster...just no. Please explain how the hell you go their first.
ex; Backster stepped out into the trotting female, after running to catch up with her.

Don't Power-play, Auto-hit, or God-Mod. (Some exceptions to power but, not really)

Power-playing: It's when you control someone else's character, as well as your own, without the other person's permission
Say that I play Bob, and someone else is Susie.

Bob watched Susie as she started to walk away. he ran up to her, the girl of his dreams, and yelled, "SUSIE, DON"T LEAVE ME!" She turned around, and glared at him, with resentment in her eyes, before walking up to him, slapping him, and then walking away again.

As you can see, if this were a post, I'd be typing Bob's actions, as well as Susie's. The fact that I'm typing Susie's actions is power playing.

Flora growled chomping down really hard on Sarah's ear. So hard that Sarah's ear fell off and half of it was in her jaws. Incorrect, how would you like it if someone bit your ear off and you had no say?
Flora growled, as she lunged. Jaws widely open and aiming for a piece of Sarah's ear.

Sarah quickly moved to the right avoiding Flora's bite. Happy that her ear's where not apart of Flora's meal, she quickly opened her jaws. Aiming right for Flora's muzzle, she had to teach the wolf some manners.

Correct, as you can see the word "aiming" is used a lot. Because in a real battle an opponent will aim for something not simply kill it's victim and the victim not doing anything at all. (Unless it was a Dodo those things had no predators and didn't know that they should fear anything)

Some other words you can use instead of aim are; Direct, goal, point, target, plan, intention, objective, etc.

Still don't get it? Or got in trouble for doing this and you don't know how/why? Then pm me or backster. :3


Auto-hitting is when you automatically hit a person's character like stated above. None of that please.

Staff Rules/Duties

If your a staff member then here are a few rules you have to follow.

Please don't copy/steal anything unless you have permission from Backster or Trance to use such things.

Please do not suddenly become aggressive or very strict toward the other users, once your made an admin or mod. This can result in a demotion of being a staff member. We want our community to be happy and excited to see staff members not angry or annoyed when one comes on. So members if you see anyone that's a staff member who isn't being very friendly "print screen" and report it to me in a pm.

Please come on at least 5 times a week, we need active patrols and such to make sure that no one is breaking a rule, if a rule is broken then a first time offender should be informed not warned.

Just because your an admin/mod doesn't mean that you can break the rules and act as if they do not imply to you. If you break any rules it will be a warning to you as staff members should already know all the rules.

Last edited by Trance on Sat Oct 31, 2015 7:27 am; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : Finished the Rules for you Trance!)

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